2004 Rights Issue

In October 2004 Prudential offered a Rights Issue where shareholders were invited to subscribe for further Prudential shares on the basis of 1 new share for every 6 existing shares held, at a price of 308 pence each.

Our Receiving Agents for the Rights Issue were Lloyds TSB Registrars (now Equiniti). The deadline for receipt of the valid Provisional Allotment Letters was 11am on 10 November 2004, with new shares being credited to CREST accounts on 11 November 2004, and share certificates being posted on 22 November 2004.

The Rights Issue was not offered to shareholders with a registered address in Canada, France, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, or the United States, except where the Company was satisfied that such action would not result in a contravention of any applicable legal or regulatory requirement in the relevant jurisdiction.

If you have any queries regarding your entitlement or acceptance of the Rights Issue please contact our registrars Equiniti .

Former Egg plc Shareholders

In December 2005, an offer was made by Prudential to the minority shareholders in Egg plc to acquire the remaining 21 per cent of Egg shares on the basis of 0.2237 new Prudential shares for each Egg share held. On 4 April 2006, over 90 per cent of acceptances had been received, which then enabled Prudential to compulsorily acquire the remaining Egg shares on 16 May 2006. If you were formerly an Egg shareholder, your Egg shares were compulsorily acquired by Prudential and new Prudential shares were issued for you. For those who did not accept the original Prudential shares, the new Prudential shares were held in trust for them to claim them formally.

As 12 years have passed, in accordance with section 982 of the Companies Act 2006, all outstanding cash entitlements have been paid into Court. As a result, claims will no longer be dealt with by the Company's registrar, Equiniti Limited, and can only be made through the Court Funds Office.

To make an application, you will need the Court Case Reference Number which is 275/2018. The date of acceptance by the Court was 2 August 2018. More information about the process is available at the following website: http: //www.nationalarchives .gov.uk / help-with-your-research / research-guides / funds-in-court / .

Former M & G Shareholders

In 1999 Prudential made an offer to the shareholders in M & G Group plc to acquire the company on the basis of £ 25.00 for each M & G share.

If you were formerly an M & G shareholder, your M & G shares have been compulsorily acquired by Prudential and cash consideration issued to you. If, however, you did not accept the original offer, your consideration is being held in trust for you and you will need to claim it formally. When you do claim, you will receive your consideration and a cheque in respect of the interest which has accumulated.

We do encourage former M & G shareholders to claim their consideration. All you need to do is to write to our Registrars at the address below claiming your consideration and interest and sending your old M & G share certificate and some proof of identity.

Equiniti Limited – Dissenters' Team
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West sussex
BN99 6DA