Differences between Prudential's Governance Practice and the NYSE Corporate Governance Rules

The application of the New York Stock Exchange ('NYSE') corporate governance rules are restricted for foreign companies, recognizing that they have to comply with domestic requirements. As a foreign private issuer, Prudential must comply with the following NYSE rules:

  1. The Company must satisfy the audit committee requirements of the SEC;
  2. The Group Chief Executive must promptly notify the NYSE in writing after any executive officer of the Company becomes aware of any non-compliance with any applicable provisions of Section 303 (A) of the NYSE's Listed Company Manual;
  3. The Company must submit an executed written affirmation annually to the NYSE affirming the Company's compliance with applicable NYSE Corporate Governance Standards and submit an interim written affirmation notifying it of specified changes to it's audit committee or a change to the Company's status as a foreign private issuer; and
  4. The Company must provide a brief description of any significant difference between its corporate governance practices and those followed by US companies under the NYSE listing standards.

As a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, Prudential is required to comply with the Listing Rules, Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules and the Prospectus Rules issued by the FCA. Prudential is also required, pursuant to the Listing Rules, to report on its compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code (the `` UK Code '') which is issued by the Financial Reporting Council. The UK Code consists of a number of main principles, supporting principles, and a series of more detailed provisions. The Listing Rules stipulate that Prudential must set out to shareholders how it has applied the main principles of the UK Code and a statement as to whether it has complied with all relevant provisions. Where it has not complied with all the applicable provisions of the UK Code, it must set out reasons for such deviation (the so-called `` comply or explain '' regime). The Financial Reporting Council published a revised version of the UK Corporate Governance Code in July 2018, which is appl icable to accounting periods commencing on or after 1 January 2019. Prudential will be reporting on compliance with the revised UK Code in 2020, also on a comply or explain basis.

As a result of its listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Prudential is also required to comply with certain continuing obligations set forth in the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the 'HK Listing Rules') and is expected to comply with or explain any deviation from the provisions of the Corporate Governance Code contained in Appendix 14 to the HK Listing Rules (the 'HK Code').

A description of how Prudential complies with both the UK Code and the HK Code is set out in the Corporate Governance Report in the Annual Report 2018.

The material differences between Prudential's corporate governance practices and the NYSE rules on corporate governance can be viewed here .