Why is this policy necessary?

This Policy is a Group standard that must be adhered to.

The way we engage our employees across the Group is fundamental to our ability to attract the people we want, retain our current employees and motivate them to achieve success for their Business Unit and the Group.

Key principles

To ensure that the Business Units have an effective approach in place to:

  • Promote positive relationships with employees, their representative organisations and, where relevant, external stakeholders such as trade unions
  • Maintain a positive reputation for the treatment of employees in the organisation in order to support sustainable business success

Policy detail

Business Units and the Group Head Office will have clearly documented processes, and where appropriate a policy, in place for engaging employees.

These will:

  • Encourage open and direct relationships with employees
  • Ensure a positive relationship with any collective representatives that supports the achievement of business success
  • Comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements in the local labour market
  • Ensure the prevention of slavery, human trafficking, child and forced labour

Governance framework

Reporting to Group HR is required on jurisdiction-specific or sector-specific trends and developments in:

  • Regulation and / or market practice in relation to employee involvement (when significant changes occur)
  • Any significant changes in approach to employee engagement and / or staff consultation (when significant changes occur)
  • Any changes in union recognition policies and practices (when they take place)
  • Ensuring the prevention of slavery, human trafficking, child and forced labour

Immediate reporting to Group HR is required for any significant issues which are likely to impact either positively or negatively on the BUs' / Group's reputation as an employer.