Our archives acquire, preserve and make available for use all kinds of original and irreplaceable records relating to Prudential plc and its subsidiaries.

The archives illustrate the history of Prudential from its foundation in 1848 to the present day. Holdings include corporate, investment, product, publicity, regional and overseas records.

Staff records, although not comprehensive, are numerous and date from the 1870s.

Using the archives

The archives attract a wide range of internal and external users. Our archivists can provide information on almost any topic related to the company for use in publications, project work, reports, presentations and exhibitions.

Please note that we do not manage records relating to individual policyholders. However we are happy to redirect enquiries relating to lapsed or unclaimed policies to the appropriate business areas.


The archives constantly evolve, and we regularly add records. While we are only able to purchase material in exceptional circumstances, we are always grateful for donations and can reimburse postage expenses.

For enquiries regarding the history and records of Prudential plc and its subsidiaries:

Group Archivist

John Porter