The gender diversity across Prudential as of 31 December 2018 is shown below.

Data as of: 31 December 2018

Headcount Total Male Female Undisclosed 2 Unspecified 3
Chairman and independent non-executive directors 10
8 2
Executive directors 6 6
Group Executive Committee (GEC)
(includes executive directors)
11 11
Senior managers
(excludes the Chairman, all directors, and GEC members)
twenty three
Whole company 1 full time equivalent
(includes the Chairman, all directors, GEC members and senior managers)
23,792 11,354 12,375 33.0

1 Excludes Prudential Corporation Asia joint ventures.
2 In many of our businesses, we provide our employees with the option to not disclose their gender. For these employees, gender is recorded as 'undisclosed'.
3 No specification or information is captured on gender for an immaterial number of our employees. These employees are recorded as 'unspecified'.