How we are performing

We are committed to reporting openly and transparently on our performance, and that includes reporting on how we perform as a responsible business.

By consistently monitoring our performance, we can maximise our positive impact and make improvements where they are needed.

We publically report our CR performance data on a yearly basis through this Corporate Responsibility Report. We also make use of alternative channels to disclose the status of our ESG practices.

Environment data

Our approach to managing our energy and climate-related risk is based on understanding and measuring our environmental impacts and playing our part in reducing them. We have robust processes in place to capture, monitor and measure our global energy footprint and resource use against key performance indicators.

We have measured and reported our GHG emissions since 2013 (as required under the UK Companies Act 2006) and through the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme with which we comply. Our scope of reporting is extensive and includes disclosure of real estate investment properties which fall under the Group's operational control as well as our operational estate.

Community investment data

We calculate our community investment spend using the internationally-recognised London Benchmarking Group standard. This includes cash donations to registered charitable organisations, as well as a cash equivalent for in-kind contributions.

Gender diversity data

Prudential believes that a diversity of skill sets and backgrounds enriches the organisation. As a company, we believe in supporting human rights, acting responsibly and with integrity. We monitor the diversity of our leadership and our leadership pipeline, with diversity and inclusion KPIs reported to the Board annually.

External assurance

We engage professional assurance providers who combine the strengths of non-financial assurance experience with technical competency in corporate responsibility.

We asked Deloitte LLP to provide limited assurance on selected corporate responsibility performance indicators in accordance with the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board's International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE3000) and their statement appears here .